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Jen Alberta

Michael Heiker

Emma  Shelley

Conway, AR
Your spirit carries on...
Nantes, France
Jeff Buckley was an inspiration to me ,as a person and as a musician.It was truly a tragic loss to the world and to all those he touched by his music. I pray he is at peace and if there is a god then he is truely in his arms.And to all out there that wwas touched by this angel, keep on dreaming Dream brothers/sisters.
Laura Trueack*
Australia, Adelaide

Jacqui Sotello    
San Antonio, TX

Lawrenceville, NJ

Astrid Maria Copenhagen, Denmark
For opening the eyes of many, I thank you.
John Pearson* Indianapolis, Indiana
Jeff, I love you, I love you.  Thank you for being.  One day, I'll see you again...
Lisa Harris and Family*
Thank you Jeff
Amy L. Caudill*  New York City
Jeff´s music has touch me like no other music has
Stefán Harðarson* Reykjavik, Iceland
Rest in peace, dream brother...
Jeff - you are missed and loved. Sometimes I reflect back on you and I can feel you like an invisible sweater giving me comfort through my grief. May you always exist ? just out of sight ? in the state of grace I and all your friends wish for you. Go in peace.
Toronto, Canada

Valerie           Jasso        San Antonio, TX

Rey Cabello  San  Antonio, TX

Kim Waites Birmingham, Alabama
Thanks for always being my inspiration to carry on...

Scott Pinson Alabama, United States

Theresa Charlotte, NC

Jasmijn Desaever Belgium

Sunshine  San Diego, California

Thanks for sharing your life with us.
Ishamae* Birmingham, AL

We miss you so much. Love.
Ilaria*             Milan, Italy

Noelia            Spain

Forever in our memory
Joe*ppppppp Kent, England
Please see Adam's message at the bottom of this page...thanks!
Adam Olivo**           Newton, NJ

Belinda Australia
Jeff, your music haunted us and will never leave.
Kate* Australia
Jeff you're my hero
Nini* Netherlands

Lois deValle Florida
Jeff, you live in me
Gaetano Lisciandra* Italy
I could never have dreamed the music you brought to reality.Such purity and earthy emotion. Forever in love and inspired by the sound, creativity and intelligence of your music and mind.
Fiona* Sydney, Australia

Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many people throughout the world. You are sorely missed, dear friend.
CRR* Tampa, Florida

Thank you for living Jeff. You will never die...ever.

Trond  Vilnes Forde, Norway

Gunnar E.
"take me up to your junkyard paradise..."
Kryz*  Dublin, Ireland
"true self brought you here to me"
Michael* Ireland

Marzia Beltrami Capri, Italy
We will remember always.
Helen T.* Melbourne, Australia
A voice that makes me smile, a voice that makes me cry, a voice that I will walk with me for the rest of my life
Natasja MahauBelgium

Lisa W.  Dublin, Ireland

Liz ppppp Italy

"The first time I heard Jeff I was so impressed I immediately became a fan. I never delved to look deeper then his music to find out who he was. I remember the devastation of hearing of his passing. I so wanted to at least shake the hand of the man who had given me such a glimpse of beauty in his words. But till this day his music is always on the top of my list. Sometimes I leave it be for a few weeks and then rediscover him. I know that to some Jeff is just another musical prodigy, but to me he is the soul's muse. About a little over a year ago I got into a terrible car accident. I should've died. Ironically I told my friend (before we left to go out) that when I died I wanted "Satisfied Mind" played at my funeral. It embodied how I felt I'd feel once I passed away. I know, it's not exactly a sunny thought, but it's so poignant a song to me that it's something we should all hear and reflect on. So when we got struck, I on the passenger side in the front, I thought of the irony. Luckily I'm still hear to appreciate Jeff's music, his message, and his dream. God Bless Jeff for being the muse to so many souls." ~Adam Olivo


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