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Jeff, i wish i had known the truth and beauty of your music while you were still alive. You had a real gift and i thank you for sharing that with the world because you have inspired me to write and sing and value a talent which i have been given. God bless you.
Meghann Lang*

Sydney,  Australia


Jeff, thank you so much for everything you've given to me, "more than you'll ever know..." You are a blessing.

Memphis, TN
You will be for ever my dream brother I love you supremely!. Thank you for your grace, your love, your beauty.and your will be always alive in my heart. Et je ne t'oublierai jamais


Daniel A. Wood

Manchester, England
A love for your eternal music and innocent vision will burn much longer than this candle, my friend. Thank you kindly.
Nick Mc*

Canberra, Australia

Jose Macedo
Braga, Portugal

Will never forget seeing Jeff in Melbourne in 1995 and again in 1996.
Louise Maskell*

St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

You are so real in our hearts,  we love and miss you!


Lori Dempsey

Adelaide, Australia
I still remember hearing Jeff for the first time.  I was in Dallas, with my cousin, and we were out in a field with some of her friends, and we were drinking cheap wine, with a bonfire, laying on these old, ratty blankets, and they popped Jeff into the tape player, and we all listened.  This was early 90's, and I was so much younger then, and I'm proud, and honored, to say that I've grown up with Jeff singing in my ear for about 10 years now. I'm proud to say that I've had him as a "friend" for a decade, and that he still knows what to say to me all these years later.  Thank you for always pulling me out of the rough situations, Jeff, and I promise to always listen.
Elizabeth Hutsell*

Never Forgotten
Julie Wilder*

5 years too long



NF, Ontario


New Castle, England

Adam Scheflan

Tel-Aviv , Israel

I still remember the first time I heard that wonderful voice... 'Grace'  was playing on tv. This guy seemed to grasp every inch of what I believed life stood for! There are no words to describe what went through me. Just this voice... playing in my heart forever.

Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us Jeff! We love you.

In our hearts
Rachel Cartwright*
Ontario, Canada


Montreal, Quebec, Canada


New Zealand
Thanks for sharing your angelic voice with the world.
J.S. Bankston*
Austin, Texas
Listening to Jeff sing was almost too much...too much intensity when I first heard him I raved to everyone I knew. when I heard of his death, I knew the rest of the world would suffer whether they knew it or not. Still feel the loss and will always

New York, NY

Nasli J. Heeramaneck San Diego, CA


Newcastle, Australia

I miss Jeff tremendously.....I so wish he were still alive. I want him to come back to Perth and play in the seedy lil Sandringham Hotel and ignite my heart. Always in my love eternally....Clare

Burn on bright star, fill my lonely night sky. We love you!!


Thanks for showing me that the impossible is not so impossible
Mark Zapata*    San Antonio, TX USA

Kai Schwochow
Hamburg, Germany
Jeff, thankyou. You are an inspiration to us all.
Hannah Gill* Wales, United Kingdom

Chris Volk Trenton, NJ

shAm Ontario, Canada
Just feeling is a subversive act - expressing it is rebellious. -Jeff Buckley
Melissa Olveda*  TX, USA
I can't believe it's been five years. I miss you, Jeff. Your music continues to keep me alive. My love is forever yours.
Carrie*   MD, USA
Jeff makes me feel everyday strong sensations! thank You,Jeff!thank You!
Treb*   Rome, Italy

Thank you Jeff for all of your music, the world is a better place because you left your mark. You are very much missed.
Ginger Lane* Enfield, CT

JK       Iceland
Ifeel my life lately...thanks Jeff
Matthew Putman*  Alma, Arkansas
"It's so hard to let go when your words need to be heard.  You had me believed in life and wherever you are:  Keep shining!!!" "You're the tear that hangs inside my soul forever..."  Love and peace, Stephanie
Stephanie Breton* Montreal, Canada

Caroline         Belgium

An               Belgium
You have changed forever the way I listen to music. Thank you so much for making this world a better place. Sleep well, sweet prince.
Patricia Blades*
Thank you for changing my life!
Suzanne*  California

Carrie Brisbane, Australia

Janis Belgrade, Serbia


"The river taught us how to listen with a silent heart, with a waiting, open soul ... "


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Special thanks to the members of the Rufus message board for lighting candles in memory of Jeff...*many smooches*
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