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much love to you all
Detroit, MI

moodswing whiskey, drank it all in the trailer...
Sean Hingston*    
Nobleton, ON Canada

Tipperary, Ireland

D.M. *    
Ontario, Canada

Paris, France

Helen Chicago, IL


Jeff through the music you live-always....
David Morrison*  
New York

follow the link @ the bottom of the page to see Jude's special tribute
Jude Bennett

Alex G.     
Toronto, Canada 

"Time I cannot change, so here's to looking back." -Shimmer, Shawn Mullins
Steve Moser*

"Thanks for sharing your tremendous gift with us Jeff."
Carrie *      
Omaha, NE


Thank you so much, Jeff, for the music you gave us. I will never forget your voice.
Abigail *      
Atlanta, GA

Jeff was the great love song writer. We will all miss you. R.I.P
VS *

Sean Ferry   
Philadelphia, PA

You left some stars in my belly
New Orleans, LA

Jeff's music is wonderful.
David Palay* 
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I carry him with me wherever I go. His soul is with us all, even if we didn't know him when he was alive. His heart and soul live on through all of us. He is love, energy, hope. He is loved by many, and always will be .
Candelaria Lindsay*   
Newton, KS

His music breathes emotion into my soul, my heart, my mind. A comfort and inspiration...and everything in between...I love him like the warm summer rain.
Linda W*
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

I am forever grateful that I found you. Grace to you always, Jeff.
Yang Jiang *
New Jersey

Steve Mannix     

Márcia Valadares  

Paul Neuhaus  
Los Angeles, CA USA

Amanda Sloan   
Texas, USA

I love you
Toby * 
Atlanta, GA

Jeff- you have my eternal compassion. I love you.
Angela Snellen* Denton, TX USA

You are a flame always burning in my heart. Today a tear fell from my face and put you out. Tomorrow you will burn again, until next time. Katie


Steve G.    

Born Again From The Rhythm ...Love to Jeff, Mary and the JB community******
Rhys Ladipo*   

Always remembering you, Jeff!
Suzanne* Silicon Valley

Jeff...a tear that hangs inside my soul forever ...
Trish * 
Newcastle, England

Aberdeen, Scotland

who can believe it's already been 6 years? we all miss you jeff and wish you were still here but the past cannot be undone so we, as his fans should celebrate all the wonderful music jeff gave us and be happy rather than sad, it's what he would've wanted.I love you always...
Samantha *
London, England

Maria James
Houston, TX


Still really miss you Jeff.  Thinking of you always
Susan Brooks*   
Douglas, Isle of Man


always remembered, never forgotten , love vonnie xxxxxx
Vonnie *

In memory of Jeff Buckley, Prophet Of Grace.
Aurelio e Francesco*  

I'll never be able to make an album as brilliant as yours.. but I hope I can at least make one you would have wanted to listen to. Thank you for making even the pain seem beautiful.
Lara Stevens*      
Adelaide, South Australia

Alicante, España

Alicante, España

Truely a voice to hold in the dark and a tear that hangs inside my soul... forever.
Stell *     
Auckland, New Zealand

New York

Marie Vanderaspoilden 

De la flamme a jailli un Papillon, Un magnifique Papillon, Libre comme l'air, il s'est envolé vers les cieux, Mon coeur et et ma vie sont désormais rythmés par le souvenir de ses battements d'ailes A bientôt petit Papillon Tu resteras à jamais dans mon coeur A toi toujours...
Caroline *      
Paris, France 


what can one say about a light that a million candles couldn't match. all we can do is be thankful for the gift of being exposed to such a wonderful musician and share him with our closest of friend's and weep a tear in his memory , Thank jeff ,where-ever you are.......................
Damon *    
Brisbane, Australia 

You live on through your music "A voice to hold in the dark"
Gem *      

*words cannot express* xx
Lambchop *   
Glasgow, Scotland 

Love,only love in this dirty beatiful world-Thank u Jeff-Rest in peace
Stefano * 

Jeff and his music is the reason i decided to start writing my own songs, his music has everything music should have: love, loss, emotion, anger, uplifting.....We miss you


Ian Maltzman    
Las Vegas, Nevada

Bless you Jeff. Thank you for your greatness.



"This is the lil sign I wore on my back today. Its not great but its the subject matter, not the craftsmanship right?" ;) ~Emily  (shadedfreak01) of the JBC

(...Emily, you rock girl! *smooch*, ~Jax ) 


Jeff Buckley ~ 1966-1997
Jude Bennett


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