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peace is what i find in your voice
Cynthia  Mendez  *


Emma Biolchini   

See message @ the bottom of the page

Júlia Mariano

see message @ the bottom of the page
Melbourne, Australia

St, Paul, MN

Beauty is a rare thing...
Brian *
Austin,   Texas

Milan, Italy

Thank You . . . so much.
Nico Smith*
Dallas, TX

If a fiddler played you a song my love....
The Orkney Islands Scotland

He's the sun,he's my friend , his words flows in me
Nat80 *  
Rimini, Italy

A.J. Weiner Lake Balboa, California

Jenni Appel   

The soul lives on forever...
Michigan, USA

see below  >>song lyrics from Rui'd band, "theFury", and it is called "a secret".
Rui Santos
  Oporto City, Portugal

Casey White
Mount Kisco, NY

You're always in my heart, Jeff. You made me realize what REAL music is and, I am eternally greatful for that. You'll always live on through your music and the words you spoke. Thank you for changing my life. Always remembered, much love to you. ~LeeAnn
LeeAnn L*         

sempre dentro e sempre più vivo,in noi
Patrizia * morning76theft     

He came... He saw... He will always be remebered, for the great things he did and sayI dont know what would have becomed of me, if jeff did´t sing in my bedroom all nights trough. He is the most beautiful person never lived...Jeff Buckley lives in my soul, close to my heart
Köping, Sweden

Janet K       
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you Jeff for helping me to experience music in a way I never had before. You are truly an inspiration to us all and are greatly missed. Your music will always be remembered.
Katie * U.S.A.

I'm just another bereaved fan, especially contemplative each 29th of May.  Love to Jeff, and to the rest of you within this community of respect and remembrance of him.
Angela M. Chance      

My soul just got tougher, tattoed with your beauty, needles bleeding colour, into my life.  Hallelujah indeed.
Debonee* California


Janet K.      

see special message @ the bottom of the page
*     Virginia

The soul lives on forever...
Matt Shawver          
Boston, Mass.

I was fortunate to have met with Tim Buckley when i was a child, it was in Placitas,NM.I really didn't know him( Jeff Buckley), but my life and all it's meaning sure did relate to his wonderous writings. They say that in life we all come together at some point(weather in the flesh or, in spirit). I just know that Jeff was and always will be My True Dream Brother! My Flights of Angels carrie you to you safe place My Brother!  Love Always Your Brother!
Jeff A. Velasquez*     
Rio Rancho, NM

Jeff, your music opened worlds inside me I never knew were there.  Thank you.

Much Love Scotty!
Mark Anthony Zapata *     
San Antonio,TX USA

triste a dirsi... ma una cosa cosi' bella poteva avere vita terrena lunga? Dio ci ha fatto vedere una parte di se... a noi ricordarla!
Michela *    
Verona Italia

Loryn Daye      

The soul lives on forever...
Alhambra, California

Iam now, have been and forever will be, trying to catch up to you... celebrating your presence and all the gifts that you gave - today and always, Love, Teresa
Teresa E. *    
Charleston, WV

He is an inspiration that will never burn out, wear out, sell out, or fade out. People with a soul as strong as his, prove their is a God.
Josh Bowles*

What can we tell abuot Jeff, nothing....Because Jeff says everything of himself, He tell about himself everytime we play one of his songs, everytime we know something new of Jeff's soul. I love you, Jeff, as the only man in my life, who relly know me, dear angel, please be in my life from the heaven and guide me in the right way. I miss you
Dalya *

Chrissy Peterson        
California, USA

Your light will shine eternally
Kiki * 


Jeff, May Grace be with you.

et je tiens à témoingner en ce jour sinistre et particulier, de mon indéfectible attachement à l'oeuvre de JEFF, telle une lumière ma vie durant, pour m'indiquer la direction de l'ESSENTIEL!

Artistic genius and timeless Grace live on through your works.  You will not be forgotten.  Love.
cerulean blue*        

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Debora Collevecchio


Birmingham, England

Newcastle, England

Thank you... for everything... you're the only musician who can move me that much... you overthrow me with every word you sing... everybody here wants you :)
Jook *  

I love you... Now, then and forever.
Lucie Ryan * 

"What to say...  You were inspiring, beautiful, creative and so musically and emotionally deep "
Jean-Marc Battalier      

This is definitely a sad day for all the music lovers out there.  Six years ago we lost someone very special, someone with so much passion and talent.  Jeff and his family are in my prayers today.
Shane Human *     
Charlotte, NC

San Diego, CA 

Nathan J.            
New York, USA

One word to explain Jeff Buckley and his music - brilliance. The world is not the same place without the tenderness Jeff brought upon us. Sadly missed.
Eric Huizink*

ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo Thank you Jeff



(Listed below are messages from some of those who lit a candle above)


"He had a voice like no one else, his music is wonderfull... I can't put it in to words... My highest dream is to meet him... To hear him sing... Why...why you?! Why couldn't God let you live and take someone else? I think I know the answer to that... He wanted to have his angel for himself! So right now you're sitting up there in heaven, and singin' with him... If everyone would be like you, we'd had a wounderfull world to live in, Jeff! I will always love you, Jeff! You gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know... Thank you for everything! R.I.P. my friend..." ~Erica




"Almost six years on, and the world still mourns the loss of Jeff. On that day in 1997, God reclaimed his angel leaving us all asking why? In his short time with us, he blessed us all and touched many lives with his music... he recreated music... he WAS music... and every time I think of Jeff I find comfort in the lyrics of satisfied mind, ironically fitting...
"but one thing's for certain, when it comes my time I'll leave this world with a satisfied mind"
I know that Jeff is happy wherever he is now, and I am grateful for all the beauty we were blessed with. Rest in peace, Jeff." ~Firebug





"a secret"

I have a secret
a secret i must hide
screaming deep inside of me.
slowly I run
into your hands
while i want to much
i loose everything.
you may cry
I'll caress you face
I'll take all i can get
before you go
can't take you with me
to the pace i'm running to
where the night is long
and the light is you.
written by Santos
to jeff buckley





Hi, my name is Annabel. I'm 16 years old and I live in Virginia. Jeff has influenced my life in so many ways. I am diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder. By listening to his music, Jeff has inspired to me to live life and chase after my dreams. He has also inspired me artisicly, I've been writing songs and painting pictures I never knew I could. Thankyou Jeff, where ever you are for using your immense talent to make my life and the lives of other so much better.




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