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Barbara Markley
Rhode Island, USA

Click on the candle to see Lisa's painting in memoriam to Jeff :)
*      Perth, Western Australia 


Thank you...
F. Baker*
Manchester, England

I wish i could have seen you in concert... you are sorely missed.  your music continues to touch me just as much every time it is played.  Thank you.
Larisa Tran*
Columbus, OH

Amy S.P.
The Lake District, England

Enchanted and Enchanting


"Jeff - your music means more to mean than anything else ever has, and I'm so sorry I never got the chance to tell you. The world is a cruel place,  where beauty and love are snatched away from us before we have the chance to fully appreciate it. God has His reasons and I know you're in a better place. Thank you...
Tamworth, England 

His music and spirit lives on...
Brad Luo*
Sydney, Australia

Sebastian Rzepa

Tomi Miettinen
Kuopio, Finland

This is for the whispers lost amongst the passing years, the whispers that help people in some way remember that the world is a magnificent place, that not all is lost, whispers that allow us to see, even for a small window in time, how beautiful the world, and the people on it, can be. This is for the one who whispered to us all....

New Zealand

A good friend turned me onto Jeff's voice 10 years ago in Austin, TX.  Last year, after living in NYC for 5 years, a sound engineer cleaning up after an Accordianist's show near Madison Sq Park was playing 'Grace'.  How very strong the emotions and sing-along urges came to surface again. Also had the fortune of watching Sandy's performances at the Living Room 2 years ago.  Thanks to the both of them for being a big part of bringing the mystery and wonder of music back to surface.

I miss u...
Portland, Oregon

Milan, Italy

Dublin, Ireland

Jeff,you will stand inside my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paola B.*      
Monticello, Italy 

You are the teacher show me the way of LIFE through great music. You'll live in my mind FOREVER. Thank you,and Farewell.
Tokyo, Japan w/


jeff, thank you for your beautiful words and amazing have changed my heart and life....i love you
Pinky*   Pennsylvania, USA

JB,, you have the voice of an angel, thank you for all your beautiful music
Jason Bennett*

after a year of hearing my friend go on and on about jeff buckley, i went out and bought "Grace".  from the minute i put the disc in my car cd player to the minute i turned it off that night (7 straight hours later), i felt like i had died, and went to a place that has never been mentioned by any human.  jeff took me with him.  up, down, around, under, sideways, over, and scattered.  now, every night, jeffs lulls me to sleep (i can't sleep without him), and he wakes me up in the morning with a smile in his voice and love on his lips.  his spirit still burns bright, outshines the sun, and makes peace and love in the hearts of hatred and violence.  for that, jeff, i thank you, and i extend my gratitude to those who continue to give jeff a voice by continuing to give us his legacy.  i stand in amazement.
Erin Ebbert*  
Pittsburgh, PA


"It's about being so painfully aware that a flea landing on a dog is like a sonic boom" - sums it all up

Jill Mcgaugh
Fort Smith, AR

Simone & Enrico Sciumbata  
Rome, Italy

Miss you every day...

The Netherlands

Jeffs songs on the Grace album touched me deeply and always will he was truly a once in a lifetime musician.
Emily Bryce*   
Melbourne, Australia



Mildred Tuinstra


.......I miss my beautiful friend......
John Reid*

Today I got his record and it made me so....happy

Jeff, you have inspired me, and many others, through your music to be better people. You are a true inspiration.
Michael Briggs* 
NSW, Australia

Alta Loma, CA

Message below....

Oddvar Torsheim     
Forde, Norway

Baldwin, NYC 

Thank you Jeff, your soulful music changed the world, I hope your endless inspiration never dies
Jordan Simpson*   
Monmouth shire, UK

This is not the last goodbye...
Spokane, WA

Jeff-thinking of you and missing you everyday.  Thank you for sending your time wisely while you were here.
Meg *    

Glouseter, England 

"I bought the cd "Grace" about two weeks ago and was totally blown away.  I really only bought the album because of Jeff Buckley's mention in the movie "Vanilla Sky."  Since I really appreciated that movie, and have watched it about ten times, I bought "Grace" and can honestly say that I don't know if I have a cd that I like better -- and I must have 200 cds.  What a tragedy to the world.  Such a passionate voice and great lyrics.  My only regret is that I only found out about him a few weeks ago.  But, I have told at least 10 or 20 people about his music and I will open up some others." ~ CFWilzn


Thanks to everyone over at Fairuza!!!!!


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